Whitney Morgan & Nyxon Think Sneakers Are Sexy

10:55 video

Nyxon has offered to help her buddy Whitney out by being her personal trainer. The ladies get ready for a jog together by sensually slipping one another's socks and sneakers on each other's feet - of course paying extra special attention to each other's bare soles first! BUT! Before rushing out the door in their skimpy athletic attire.. Nyxon has a new trendy idea! She grabs two more pairs of sneakers - this time crisp white Keds and little white ankle socks.. "We should wear sneakers on our HANDS! Trust me, it will be super sexy! Not to mention get our hearts RACING during our workout!" Secretly Whitney is already a little turned on by the idea since she has a deep love for sneakers.. The ladies slowly slide on each other's ankle (now wrist!) socks, then Keds, and tightly lace them up.. Excited, they RUN out the door to explore! Coming back from a long, hot, sweaty jog... both gals realize how much the sneakers turn them on.. panting and looking deep in one another's eyes, they continue their exploring of the sneakers on their hands - but now much more intimately.. feeling each other's breasts with the rubber soles.. rubbing them on each other's faces.. sniffing, smelling, kissing each other's shoes.. Neither can hold back, as they lean in and start kissing each other - deeply, passionately... Maybe they had this deep lust for one another all along? Or maybe there's some type of special heart racing magic buried deep in their sneaker fetish.. The ladies run off to see how their new sneaker hands feel in the shower and hope they can help each other strip without thumbs! 

Includes: smelling, stinky, sneakers, gym shoes, socks, feet, foot, fetish, blonde, tattoos, lesbian, hands, kissing, mouth, making out, fantasy, role play, dressing, body rubbing, Keds.

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