Beta Cum Lover: Sorority House Cum Dumpster

12:50 video

Slave Miles is the Sorority House's personal cum dumpster slave - living out his entire life as a constant hazing, ONLY to serve his Sorority Mistresses. Locked tightly in a cock cage, the house mistress - Miss Whitney Morgan - holds the only key, only allowing him to cum on special days.. Those days, are when the sorority sisters find an even bigger loser slut to suck his cock.. But not tonight.. Tonight is a typical night at the sorority house, where all of the slutty sorority sisters are fucking and sucking all night long.. But they're good little sluts, NEVER swollowing or taking a drop.. No.. Saving every drip drop of creamy milky cum to feed to Slave Miles. Slave Miles sits patiently in the corner of Miss Whitney's bedroom while locked in chastity, anal hook shoved all the way up his ass and tightly bound to secure.. Eagerly waiting to gulp down every cum condom filled treat Mistress brings to offer him.. Miss Whitney retrieves used condom after used condom from every sorority sister's room dumping them on Slave Miles face, in his mouth, on the floor, even down her patent leather high heel - XXXX him to slurp up every sticky jizzy drop.. Shoving his face down on to the floor, XXXX that anal hook up even tighter into his ass.. But, she does save the best for last.. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't feed him a yummy treat from her own man candy.. Whitney steps out to blow her boyfriend, catching everything in her mouth.. Returning to Slave Miles, yanking his head back and demanding he open his mouth wide - Miss Whitney spits and drools every gooey white strand down his throat and chin.. Good little cum dumpster slut Miles is.. There will be more hazing domination in the future... ;)

Includes: CFNM, bondage, anal hook, cock cage, chastity, orgasm denial, cum, spitting, cum eating, cum swallowing, drooling, licking, bdsm, domination, femdom.

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