Terra Mizu: Clear Tape Mummification - Photos

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Poor helpless Terra Mizu. She’s tightly wrapped, rolled up, tucked in four thick towels - immobilizing her. Encasing her, tightly wrapping around her is 250 feet of clear packing plastic wrap from her neck to her ankles. Sealed with six large rolls of clear packing tape, tightly binding her from neck to ankles - on her size 10 bare feet dangle out with blue toenails wiggling. Her mouth packed with a pair of well worn satin panties, sealed in tight with clear packing tape wrapped time after time after time around her head. She struggles completely immobilized and unable to even roll over. She’s teased with another pair of used satin panties - going over her head for a pantyhood, sealed with more clear tape. Ending her perils with yet another pair of well worn satin panties, teased in her face before pantyhooded.



Includes: bound, gagged, pantygag, mouth packing, mouth stuffing, tape bondage, tape fetish, damsel in distress, tape gag, around the head gag, hooded, pantyhood, mummification, mummified, barefoot, gag talk, encasement.

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