Ultra Girl Whitney vs Huntress GiGi Lyn

21:09 video

The Huntress GiGi Lyn is known to seek out and capture super-heroines like Ultra Girl (Whitney Morgan). She’s left bait for Ultra Girl - whom comes sneaking around to the Huntress’ Lair... quickly subdued while lurking for clues. Ultra Girl comes to spread eagle in the woods, cuffed at wrists and ankles, bound to the forest floor with chains. They rattle as she attempts to break free, but Huntress removes her belt, pulls out her bouncing boobs from her spandex leotard leaving her for the night - a rematch in the morning. Ultra Girl is released and given a head start to RUN from the Huntress in the thick woods.. upon falling, the Huntress gets the upper hand, Ultra Girl’s eyes widen, cross, roll as she’s subdued. Her boots removed. Ultra Girl comes to tightly bound to a tree with rope - breast bound, chest tied, arms wrapped around the tree, crotch roped, legs bound. Whilst begging for release, her powerful belts and boots.. Huntress shoves a huge ballgag into her mouth. Proving she’s won, leaving Ultra Girl alone.. in the woods.. to struggle.


Includes: XXXX, struggling, superheroine, villain, boots, magic belt, ko, eye crossing, eye rolling, hom, hand over mouth, running, pantyhose, belt removal, boot removal, rope bondage, cuffs, chains, bound, gagged, ballgag, bouncing boobs, spandex, running, damsel in distress.

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