Teacher Ms Morgan Teaches Class To Change Diapers

12:27 video

Miss Whitney Morgan a teacher for a family planning class and she calls YOU (pov) up to the front of the class to help her. You wonder what you're helping with and Ms Whitney reaches into her bag to pull out DIAPERS and excitedly says "today's the day you get to show the class how to change DIAPERS!" She instructs you to strip and pose in the proper changing position. You might be reluctant at first but since you're the only male in whole class (full of eager gals to learn to change you!) and well, women are usually the ones who look after the wee ones, it makes the most sense for YOU to pose and them to watch! Upon stripping nude for the whole glass of females, Miss Whitney Morgan is taken aback and highly amused at how incredibly small your penis is! She struggles through gasps and held back laughter to compose herself but manages to tell the ladies to stop giggling, pointing out that while while for a man your age your penis is abnormally small, but for a newborn it's about the right size so for this class, so it's kind of perfect. She then proceeds to put a diaper on you talking the class through what she's doing. Part way through she notices some of the ladies taking their phones out and begins to tell them to stop, then realize they are recording it to watch later, then praise them and encourage the rest of the class to do the same. When all done, you think you can just put your clothes back on and Miss Whitney Morgan takes more diapers out, informing you that she has many different types and brands to show the ladies how to put on, and afterall, they haven't witnessed a DIRTY DIAPER change yet! 

Includes: diaper fetish, diaper humiliation, diaper changing, pov, pampers, humiliation, femdom, teacher, classroom, glasses, sph, small penis humiliation, embarrassment, laughing, pointing, public humiliation.

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