Foot Tickle Therapy: Indica Fetish Returns Part 3

14:06 video

Continued.. Poor Indica Fetish is having a really really hard time keeping herself together with Dr. Whitney Morgan. All of her foot tickling tests have proved oh so hard, she can't seem to keep from squirming, flexing her toes, scrunching her soles, and laughing with deep belly laughter. So this next tickle task will prove extra difficult.. she must remain COMPLETELY silent! Dr. Whitney Morgan will TIME her - 3 minutes - no laughing! No gasping! Not a peep while she tickles Indica's bare wrinkled soles with her fingernails. To help, Indica has been bound with rope at both her wrists and ankles.. but it's not really any help at all. As you can imagine, she fails even just the first test with seconds left! So her time is DOUBLED! When can't stand the tickle torment any longer, Dr. Whitney gives her the option to belt out laughing BUT while keeping her feet STILL and begging to switch from toes to soles to toes to soles to toes to soles.. In the end, Indica finds her time with Dr. Whitney in Foot Tickle Therapy very theraputic, quite helpful, learning to LOVE ticking and being tickled.. Even suggests she see Dr. Whitney for another session, even perhaps.. getting to tickle another patient? To be continued...

Includes: foot tickling, tickle fetish, feet, barefoot, soles, toes, toe spreading, games, bondage, rope, bound, laughing, games, tickle games, ticklish feet, predicament, toe scrunching, wrinkled soles, toe tickling, sole tickling.

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