Paralysis Of Patriot Girl Whitney Morgan

12:09 video

The ultimate Superheroine Patriot Girl - is an overly confident, go getter for the good side from head to the tips of her boot toes. With her hands on her hips she lectures YOU (POV) the evil supervillain she WILL be taking in BOUND! But all of a sudden, a sharp prick to her neck as a dart hits her. She stumbles, continues to chastise you, her breahting becomes heavy, she pants as she can barely get the words out of her mouth about how good always prevails over bad.. bad guys.. like.. like.. you.. Her arms and legs wobbly, she's awkward, clumsy but the way her floppy wrists glide of her practically naked body is extremely erotic. She stumbles, falls onto her back as her eyes cross, rolling into the back of her head. She struggles to speak and keep her eyes open, "  ....  I'm...Patriot Girl.  You...cant pull the wool....over my eyes...I'm...taking you down…you're not going to dupe me.....cause I'm on to you.....check...mate....crime....doesn't've got another thing coming....mister....I got you...just where I want you now....trouble maker...I'm….Patriot Girl....and this is....America....And you're jail....night night...…."  Her legs flop open, her arms fall to her sides, and tongue sticks out of her gaping mouth. She's total mush and you're on the winning side.


Includes: superhero, superheroine, super villain pov, pov, dart, eye rolling, eye crossing, awkward, clumsy, stumbling, whites of eyes, red lips, blonde, topless, fainting, floppy limbs, small tits, thong, boots, resting, KO.

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