Foot Tickle Therapy with Luna Dawn Part 1

Poor Luna Dawn has yet to meet with the clutches of Foot Tickle Therapist Dr. Whitney Morgan.. She's heard rumors both good and bad.. but gives in to the deep desire to not have her feet be so fearfully ticklish. She seeks the aid of Dr. Whitney. Dr. Whitney calmly, quietly assures Luna she just needs to examine her feet a bit, check them for ticklish atributes.. slowly removing her sneakers.. tickling over her black socks.. "My my... I've met so few that have been so utterly ticklish over their socks.. can't wait to see how ticklish those bare soles are... for medical reasons of course.." Removing her socks, Dr. Whitney proceeds to tickle Luna's soft pink wrinkled soles.. she cries out with laughter, squirming in Dr. Whitney's clutches, toes wiggling, spreading, soles flexing and scrunching.. Dr. Whitney suggests they use some.. unethical resources such as restraints to really speed up Luna's tickling woes to tickling wows.. Not having any part of these cruel tickling tactics, Luna tries to run.. but we all know Dr. Whitney's Foot Tickle Therapy patients don't get away that easily... to be continued...


Includes: feet, foot tickling, therapy, role play, doctor, medical play, barefoot, sneakers, black socks, shoe removal, sock removal, toe wiggling, toe scrunching, laughing, sole flexing, sole scrunching, toe spreading, ticklish feet, ticklish soles, foot model, giggling.

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