Wont You Be Whitney Morgan's Yummy Gummy Vore

Mmm... Miss Whitney Morgan's Mouth... So warm, wet and inviting. Bet you would give anything to sarcrafice yourself to that Goddess Mouth? Wouldn't you? To have the end of all ends.. To be touched by her pretty pink lips.. caressed by her big, thick, spit soaked pink tongue.. tossed around in her cavernes mouth.. graced by her SHARP pearly white teeth.. and SLIDE down her deep, slick throat to her hungry... hungry belly. Devoured whole.. bit by bit.. becoming part of her, forever.


Includes: mouth fetish, eating, teeth, chomping, chewing, lips, pink lip gloss, swallowing, vore, giantess, food, food fetish, throat fetish, spit fetish, drool, tongue fetish, uvula, gummy, gummies, pov.

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