Whitney Morgan: Big Beautiful Burps

Miss Whitney Morgan enjoys not one but TWO carbonated beverages for you - with a straw so her sexy, wet, wide pink tongue can sensually, teasingly, play with it for you as she sucks down gulps, filling her belly, bloating it up for BIG beautiful burp after burp! She lets out LOUD, deep from her bloated belly burps RIGHT in your face, mouth open wide so you can see down her throat, her tongue dripping with drool, uvula dangling. She giggles, licks her lips, and tosses her blonde hair while telling you to breathe in her burpy breath.


Includes: burp fetish, burping, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, swallowing, uvula, belly sounds, bloated belly, tongue play, sounds fetish, mouth sounds, gulping, lip licking, breath fetish.

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