Whitney Morgan As Super Girl Turned Super Slut

Miss Whitney Morgan is SUPER GIRL! And you, the EVIL VILLAIN has taken her yummy pizza treat for a snack and sprinked it with Krytonite MIND CONTROL herbs! She doesn't notice and goes in for a taste.. and another.. there's just something so overwhelmingly delicious about this slice that she can't stop eating it! She rubs and touches herself, sucks her fingers, takes a gulp of her bottled beverage - licking, sucking, gagging, deepthroating upon the neck as she guzzles.. "What has come over me?! Something has made me so oddly horny, so hot and bothered.. I know I shouldn't touch myself but I can't help but do so.." She pulls her tits out, rubbing them as she eats more.. snaps her leotard open, RIPPING the crotch of her pantyhose to to get at her dripping pink pussy... every nibble, taste of her kryptonite laced pizza she transforms more and more from Super Girl to.. SUPER SLUT.. Wanting nothing more than to fill her belly, fuck, and cum.


Includes: custom clip, transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, superheroine, cosplay, pantyhose destruction, pantyhose ripping, masturbation, mouth fetish, magic, eating, mind control, erotic magic, food fetish.

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