Whitney Morgan: Mysterious Magical Diapering Date

You really shouldn't go home late from the clubs with a total stranger.. you never know WHAT you could be getting into.. or who with. You chose the hottest gal, thought you found yourself lucky.. or about to get lucky.. but little do you know, she has MAGICAL POWERS to get what she REALLY wants. And that's to make YOU, regress back into an ittle wittle bitty bae beee! With every dark, magical kiss this witch lays upon you, you feel a little bit younger, you regress a little more.. a little more.. until you ga ga goo goo.. and she needs to CHANGE YOU! Pulling out a pretty cute pair of pampers, she explains that she's always wanted a little one - but never wanted to have one herself.. so a little magic will do the trick.. seeing something so sweet, so innocent within you.. she knew YOU were PERFECT! Lucky for you, the nursery is all set up, but.. she still has to take you out IN PUBLIC in your new ittle wittle wiggling form in a stroller to shop for NEW onsies! Are you ready little one? Let your new Step-Mommy-Domme pop on some fresh pampers and let's seize the day!


Includes: step-mom, magic, shrinking, age regression, pampers, huggies, role play, domme, step-mommy domme, pov, littles voice, changing, transformation pov.

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