Whitney Morgan & Kitty Quinn: Tiny Man Trapped

At their shoot, Miss Whitney Morgan has a very extra special LITTLE surprise to show Kitty Quinn! She has shrunken down a little fan of her's into an itsy bitsy tiny guy - so small she can keep him locked up in her purse! Whitney slowly slips him (YOU POV) out, reaching her hands in to wrap around you - scooping you out. Kitty squeals with delight to play with you like a little tiny toy! They toss you around, lick you, nibble at you, show their feet - oh so big compared to your tiny little body - to you, rubbing them all over you. Whitney shoves you in Kitty's belly button as she catches you creeping around, looking up her shorts. Don't worry it won't be your demise.. They just want to play with you a little bit, man handle you.. or rather tiny man handle you - haha - before putting you back into your little carry case to take out another day with more models to play with you!


Includes: tiny man, giantess, gts, pov, foot smother, mouth fetish, ass smother, hand fetish, feet, barefoot, toe wiggling, soles, licking, shrunken, tiny man pov, pet, kept, bellybutton.

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