Whitney Morgan: Giantess Goddess Vore Sacrifice

Ah what a lonely life for a Giantess Goddess like Miss Whitney Morgan.. consuming every little tiny worshipper in her path. You.. you want to sacrifice yourself to your gorgeous Goddess.. to fill her belly.. have her consume you whole.. to become part of her.. forever. But first a little fun with you.. teasing you with her body, taking your little virgin soul into her before sending you through her lips, down her throat. She'll ride you, squish you between her ass cheeks, use you like a little tiny dildo to masturbate.. before licking you up and down, tongue teasing, and swallowing you WHOLE. She gloats about consuming another tiny man minion while rubbing her bloated belly.


Includes: giantess, vore, goddess, licking, tongue fetish, mouth fetish, virgin humiliation, worship, eating, consuming, masturbation, tiny man, dark lips, throat fetish, belly fetish, lip fetish, drooling, spitting, nude, naked.

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