Whitney Morgan: Gaining Grudge Gone Wrong

Miss Whitney Morgan is such a skinny little BRAT! During the whole pandemic she noticed that you've put on more than the quarantine 15.. and starts making fun of you for your weight gain. She shows off her skinny bod under her baggy clothes "I think I LOST weight in quarantine!" As she points and laughs at your gaining weight you mutter a chant under your breath and IMMEDIATELY her hands feel like they're expanding! Slowly she starts gaining weight ALL OVER! Her cheeks puff up, her boobs get HUGE, her ass GROWS, belly BULGING! Every chant you mutter she inflates like a balloon all over! Her rings pop off her fat fingers, her feet get so fat her shoes fly off, she falls back on her fat ass unable to do anything but roll around while you giggle at HER! 


Includes: magic, gaining, inflation, body inflate, balloon fetish, puffy cheeks, fat ass, body expansion, huge boobs, giant tits, big belly, brat girls, bratty, pov, fattening fetish, weight gain.

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