Store Clerk Submissive with Quin & Whitney

So you're some loser that works at a women's clothing store.. and the top shopaholic Miss Quin pops in literally a minute before closing.. but hey, the customer is always right? RIGHT? At least your boss Miss Whitney Morgan thinks so. So YOU are going to stay LATE to cater to Quin's needs. Pick out designer jeans for her to try on, clean up after her as she tosses all the ones she doesn't like on the floor - and yes, your boss Miss Whitney Morgan encourages her to do so to humiliate you... In fact, your boss Miss Whitney Morgan thinks you're a loser and needs to be humiliated by a client, even tells Quin about your medical records on file - including your SMALL PENIS! She bets you only work at a women's clothing store because your tiny cock gets off to watching hot chicks try on tight sexy jeans... Isn't that the truth?? Now, here's the kicker.. when Quin finds a pair she likes... YOU are going to pay for them for her out of your paycheck... maybe next time you'll keep being that beta boy store submissive you're supposed to be when a lovely lady walks in with a wad of cash last minute.


Includes: jeans fetish, ass fetish, humiliation, blue jeans, pov, bratty, mean girls, boss, employee, alt girls, tattooed girls, beta bitch, femdom, female domination, laughing.

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