Whitney Morgan's Vore Slave FOREVER

Well well well, what have we here? Looks like a little vore slave made his final exit from Miss Whitney Morgan - WHOLE! She plucks his little skeleton out of the toilet to examine him. Sniffs him, smells him, licks him to remind him how his destiny began. Time to have a little fun with her new tiny man treat.. She's going to introduce him to the digested skeleton - show him a glimpse into his future! But of course, since he's so kind to sacrifice his life to feed hers, she'll give him a little fun first - between her tits, using his tiny head to masturbate, squeezing him between the cheeks of her ass... oops he lost an arm, looks like a snack! YUM! Wonder if he'll exit the same way? Little boney arm first... We'll find out! She devours the rest of him whole!


Includes: vore, eating, licking, gts, giantess, tiny man masturbation, tiny man tease, digestion, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, tit tease, ass tease, tattoos, giant fetish.

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