Foot Tickle Therapy: Dr Whitney Morgan Bound and Blindfolded

When we last left Dr. Whitney Morgan, she was trapped in the basement of Luna Dawn's house with a visitor - Miss Quin - whom tag team tickled the bound blonde therapist. Luna had to ship Dr. Whitney Morgan off for a week, so she's getting to spend some quality time tied up with one of her goons. Left to struggle for freedom, clothing torn off her body, cleave gagged and blindfolded with shreds of her own skirt.. She rolls around MmmMmmffing and struggling to break free, but untangles her ropes just a bit too late.... to be continued.. 


Includes: rope, bondage, bound, tied, blindfold, gagged, cleave gag, torn clothing, struggling, damsel in distress,  high heels, tattoos, blonde.

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