Tiny Man Fan Spying On Olivia Rose & Whitney Morgan

Ever feel like.... someone is watching you? Olivia Rose and Miss Whitney Morgan just got back from walking the convention floor.. and their pantyhose feet are SORE! They chit chat about their feet, high heels, panyhose.. all the while dipping and dangling their heels as YOU a little tiny fan that has SHRUNK himself down to spy on them sneaks in, and WATCHES! Think how wonderful it would be to be their tiny shrunken down fan, getting to watch their every move dangling their heels off their pantyhose feet while you lurk on... but you know, they DO notice you eventually... and the real fun begins, they pick you up to play with.. dangle you above them, over their mouths', lick you, taste you, toy with you, toss you around like a little pawn in chess with their big giantess hands.. they call you a dork, a nerd, a geek for shrinking youself down to a little tiny man to spy on them as their number one fan. They rub you down their legs, toss you on the floor to dangle their heels above you, popping their shoes off to squeeze you under their giant pantyhose feet! But... that's not your demise... Miss Whitney Morgan is STARVING after working the convention floor all day... and she wants YOU to be a little SNACK to tide her over until dinner time... GULP! Down you go into her HUNGRY belly!!! Hope there's another tiny fan lurking for Olivia to nibble on..


Includes: giantess, voyeur, giants, giantess vore, giantess worship, unaware giantess, high heels, fan, tiny man, shrink, shrunk, shrinking fetish, vore fantasy, high heel dangling, pantyhose, nylons, stockings, pantyhose feet, licking, tasting, mean giantess.

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