Miss Whitney Morgan: Gummy Virus Vore

13:57 video

We're in the midst of an outbreak... a virus out of control... that KEEPS MUTATING! But what will the next stage be? Only to turn human beings into little tiny GUMMY BEARS!? A little green gummy bear comes stumbling into the house of Miss Whitney Morgan.. At first she doesn't notice him, gracing him with her toes, her soft pink soles.. but she feels him under her feet, reaching down, grabbing him up with her fingertips.. she sooths him, gentle.. telling him he'll be safe here until they find a cure.. but a LICK wouldn't hurt? Just to clean him off.. maybe in a pool of spit on her long wide tongue.. the taste is luring, he's so yummy, so sweet.. soon she can't help but chomp on down, tearing a bit of him off with her teeth.. Oh no, guess it's too late.. he'll just become a little SNACK never to be seen again... but she'll be on the hunt for MORE.. maybe... YOU!


Includes: vore, giantess, giant, gts, mouth fetish, virus, pandemic, covid, coronavirus, tongue fetish, teeth, lick, spit, eat, eating, bite, nibble, pov, shrinking fetish, tiny man, swallow.

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