Nyssa Nevers Vs Whitney Morgan: Leg Pin Peril

11:42 video

Miss Whitney Morgan was just looking for a chill night with Nyssa Nevers hanging out in their PJs.. when Whitney suggests a girlie playful pillowfight! Isn't that what all slumber parties consist of?! Nyssa suggests they have a REAL match! Whitney, not too good at wrestling, tries to play along but is QUICKLY subdued by Nyssa and put in various holds to take her down a notch, always ending in a leg pin with a 10 count. The weaker Whitney becomes, Nyssa starts stripping her down to her bra and panties before taking her down. Finally down for the count, Nyssa stands upon Whitney in a victory pose!


Includes: wrestling, arm hold, leg pin, pinning, stripping, humiliation, domination, fantasy wrestling, female wrestling, submission hold, victory pose.

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