Whitney Morgan: Lost Little Tiny Vore Sacrifice

10:12 video

Lost little souls, a group of tiny men approach the foot of Giantess' Miss Whitney Morgan's lair. "Lost? No... you've come to the right place... right in my clutches.." She scoops her hand down to grab a tiny. Picking him up, she eyes him. He's just what she needs, his energy, his vitality, he is.. FOOD to her.. She will grow stronger and stronger on his lilttle tiny soul. She bends over, spreads her ass cheeks and teases him around her asshole.. "I'll absorb you, take your energy to become mine.. your strength.. your life.. you will be come one with me.." as she shoves him in deeper and deeper.. But having second thoughts, she finds it would be much more fun to tease him a bit with her mouth, lick on him, shove him in and out of her mouth with her long, wide, strong tongue. Eventually slurping him up whole, swallowing him, sending him straight down her throat to her big hungry belly. With a loud burp, her little vore slave sacrifice is gone, slowly sliding down to paradise that is her belly, digesting him, becoming one with her. Sacrificing himself to strengthen the almighty Giantess Miss Whitney Morgan. But of course, one just isn't enough as she looks down upon the others. "Who's next?!" 


Includes: vore, gts, giantess, eating, licking, teeth, tongue, belly fetish, belly expansion, mouth fetish, asshole fetish, ass spreading, anal masturbation, swallowing, barefoot, spit fetish, burping.

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