Whitney Morgan: Gummy Virus Mutation Vore

11:04 video

As the pandemic roars on, the virus continues to mutate... more and more people are catching it, shrinking down to tiny little gummy bears. Miss Whitney Morgan notices one at her feet, she reaches down to pick him up.. Soothing him, comforting him, promising that she'll keep him safe until a cure is discovered. But while holding him in her big strong hands, Miss Whitney Morgan catches a whiff of his sweetness. She MUST have a little lick... and another.. and another.. He just tastes SO yummy.. maybe a little swish in her mouth will be okay? It'll be like a big swimming pool! Soon he's just too scrumptious.. she NEEDS a nibble.. a chomp.. and before you know it.. down her throat he goes to her bloated belly to rest. Well, maybe the next one will be a bit more lucky? Or not...


Includes: vore, mouth fetish, shrinking, gts, giantess, licking, nibbling, teeth, tongue, spit, drool, swallowing, virus, covid, pandemic, mouth fetish.

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