Super Whitney Morgan vs Gargantua Ivy Davenport

23:11 video

The evil villainess Gargantua Ivy Davenport has escaped maximum security prison! It’s up to Super Whitney Morgan to find her secret hideout and bring Gargantua in! Super Whitney senses she’s near by the piles of food delivery bags littering the floor. She hides and waits for Gargantua to return. Out she pops to Gargantua’s surprise, but this will be a match to end all matches. Super Whitney might be powerful but the mighty SSBBW Gargantua’s size has the strength to end Super Whitney. Gargantua tosses Super Whitney around like a rag doll, sits on her, bear hugs her, stomps her big feet upon her. It’s all too much, Super Whitney falls to the ground exhausted as Gargantua drags her to her bed for some more rough tough and tumble. Gasping, wailing, trying her best to budge Gargantua off of her. Removing Super Whitney’s cape, shoes - her powers weaken. No match for Gargantua, she becomes nothing more than a placemat for Gargantua to sit upon, absorbing Super Whitney, taking her powers.. leaving nothing left but her costume as a trace.


Includes: superhero, supervillain, super heroine, super girl, gargantua, pantyhose, super powers, bear hugs, catfight, magical powers, bbw, SSBBW, squish, smother, squash, shoe removal.



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