Amazon Layla Moore Wedgies Hooters Girl Whitney Morgan

7:19 video

Hooters Girl Whitney Morgan isn't really used to having to "work", normally she just gets by being cute, flirty, and having all the guys tip her on the job.. So having to make a delivery to a woman.. is a bit of a culture shock. Naturally Whitney is extremely bratty to Layla Moore.. delivers the food half eaten, cold.. and still expects a fat tip! Layla isn't about to tolerate such behavior, it's time to teach this Hooters Brat a lession with a firm wedgie! First to the shorts! Then her shiny pantyhose straight up her ass crack! Let's not forget her fullback panties stretching out with Layla lifting her up and tossing her around.. eventually leading this Hooters Brat right out the door by her wedgied panties wadded up her ass!


Includes: wedgie, wedgies, short shorts, amazon, pantyhose, panty fetish, panties, tattoos, brat, bratty, sneakers, ass fetish, ass domination, ass humiliation,  panty pulling, panty picking.

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