Ultra Girl: Saves The Day or Shipped Away

12:35 video

Christine Aka Ultra Girl gets a special alert.. The Collector’s hideout has been discovered! But! She better hurry, as it appears he’s making an attempt to pack up and be on the move! Switching into her uniform and she’s on the way! Scouting out the place, she’s taken off guard by him.. ordered to give up her belt and boots - the source of her power.. or else….. soon she finds herself mummified from shoulders to ankles with layers plastic packing wrap. Layers of duct tape strips across her mouth, packing inside to muffle her discontent. She wiggles, hops standing up before finding herself in a large packing box to struggle…. Before being packaged up to ship away.. perhaps fight crime another day…?


Includes: superheroine, superhero, villain, tape gag, mouth packing, mouth stuffing, gagged, bound, mummification, plastic wrap bondage, bondage, pantyhose, cosplay, uniform, magic, boots, belt, boot removal, belt removal, struggling, transformation fetish.

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