Doctor Whitney Morgan Knows Best POV

17:10 video

Miss Whitney Morgan is your new psychiatrist and you’re in to get help with your fear of doctors aka “white coat syndrome”. You can't go to the doctor without getting super anxious and are afraid to even make an appointment. It might stem from being afraid of being vulnerable and she suggests her own brand of sensory therapy. She has you strip completely naked, putting you in a vulnerable state. You ask if she can look away, but she needs to look at you making you feel completely vulnerable. Focusing a little longer on your crotch.  Hesitating to take off your underwear, instead of telling you to drop them, she reaches out and yanks them down. Trying to cover up, she puts your hands behind your back. Putting on her white lab coat, she proceeds with an authentic medical exam on you. From head to toe, intentionally brushing up against your dick, but pretending it was an accident. Putting on a pair of medical gloves, slowly, teasing while examining your testicles, then your dick. You try to look away in embarrassment, but you need to watch her take control of your body; you need to fully submit to her. She owns your dick now, otherwise you’ll be leaving her office horribly uncomfortable, everyone will see your bulging hard on. You beg her to relieve you. But you need lube, so she makes you suck her gloves before jerking you off; dominant, milking pov handjob. Moaning too loudly, she rips her gloves off, gagging you with them before making you explode more than you ever have.


Includes: pov, medical, glove fetish, medical glove fetish, virtual, handjob, milking, hj, labcoat, lab coat, doctor, medical exam, Femdom, female domination, latex gloves, tease, cum countdown, therapist. 

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