Whitney: Stuck With Her Pants Down ENF

11:41 video

Miss Whitney Morgan is fed up with her new roommate, she starts to harass her -POV-. She complains on how they're messy, gross, lazy. She then starts to rant on how they keep leaving the windows open, letting in a draft, letting out the ac. Whitney goes to close it but it stuck. As she tries, her cellphone falls out on the other side. Whitney leans half of her body out the window to retrieve it. Though as she does this, the window becomes unstuck & falls down, making her lower half stuck in the bedroom & the upper half outside. She tries to get out but she's stuck. She demands her roommate to help but they can barely get the window back up. Whitney suggests pushing her out. This requires the roommate to put their hands on her backside & push. Whitney doesn't like her butt being touched but she has no choice. This quickly does nothing & she suggests pulling her out. They grabs onto her waist & feet as she struggles, boobs bouncing, straining to get out or grab her phone to call for help, but this does nothing. They then make the mistake of grabbing hold of her pantlegs. They pull & pull but unfortunately all this does is end up pulling Whitney's pants down. What's even worse is Whitney is wearing fullback underwear with bright colorful little cartoons on them. Whitney feels the breeze & is furious, now of course the window eases up & she falls back into the bedroom, pantsless. She threatens to kick the roommate out for humiliating her. The roommate having enough of her, laughs at her embarrassment. Whitney attempts to cover up with a pillow to hide her humiliating panties, running out in shame.


Includes: humiliation, embarrassment, embarrassed, ENF, stuck, struggle, reaching, reach, bouncing boobs, ass fetish, panty fetish, cotton panties, full back panties, pantsed. embarraseed naked female, pov, wedgies, wedgie, spanking, ass grabbing.

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