Nyxon: Goth Witch To Basic Bitch Transformation

9:57 video

Fall is upon us, and Miss Whitney Morgan just wants to go enjoy the pumpkin patches, PSL from her favorite coffee shop.. but her gothy roommate Nyxon is just bringing it all down being so dark.. spooky. She might appear to be the goth witch.. but Whitney has a little trick and quite the treat up her sleave. Slowly, article by article of clothing.. she transforms Nyxon from gothy witch to bimbofied basic bitch. Black heels to Uggs, leather pants to tight white jeans, sexy black blouse to a big comfy tan sweater. By the end, Nyxon is a total basic bimbo ready to get her pumpkin spiced latte! 


Includes: witch, goth, sweater, uggs, jeans, transformation fetish, transformation fantasies, magic, bimbo, bimbofied, bimbofication, valley girl, bratty.

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