Scarlett Venom & Whitney Morgan Devour Itsy Bitsy Boyfriend Pt2

9:06 video

Miss Whitney Morgan's boyfriend has been a grade A loser. Scarlett Venom has had enough with him & shrunk him down, she pulls him out now to show Whitney so they - together - can finish him off for good. They pick on him, laugh at his now itsy bitsy size. Tease with their tits he'll never get to play with again, taunt with their bare feet, toes wiggling above him. The bounce their asses on him - bet that would have been the threesome of his life if he was ever so lucky. But he's not. They give him a little lick, he's tasty. Will be even better going down. But who should do the honor? They split him/you! Scarlett munches your bottom half before Whitney dangles you up above, tossing you down her throat to devour every last inch.

Includes: giantess, mean giantess, cruel giantess, gts, foot domination, tinyman, tinies, tiny man pov, pov, soles, toe wiggling, ass bouncing, ass domination, tit tease, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, lips, licking, throat fetish, vore, devour.

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