Bully-Girl Beatdown POV with Nyxon & Whitney Morgan

11:15 video

Both Nyxon & Whitney Morgan come walking in evilly laughing pounding their fists. They start by saying “well well well. Look what we have here if it’s the little freshman that’s going to feed us lunch.” Nyxon says “More like fresh meat!” You both start hysterically laughing. Both start taunting you/POV as you won’t give them the lunch money & Whitney says “well Nyxon you know what time it is?” They both start pounding their fists & Nyxon says “Oh yeah I hear you, knuckle sandwiches.” Whitney says “open wide bitch it’s feeding time!” They both start punching/ kicking you in the face, gut, & balls. They both continue to alternate while trash talking you until you fall to the ground. Both hysterically laugh & Nyxon tickles while Whitney kicks you in the balls until you give up the money. Nyxon snatches it out of your hands & both start taunting me with the money & pour milk (pretend) on you. Both say to lick their boots to which they both kick you, knocking you out. Both pick you up by wedging you & tell you that you’re their bitch & that you better come up with more money & be ready to do their home work. If not, they’ll keep beating you up everyday, both laugh. Nyxon hands you a book & says “get to it nerd” both then beat you back to the ground & drop books on top of you, laughing high fiving, & step over you. 

Includes: leather, boots, pov, bully, mean girls, brats, Femdom, pov tickling, pov ballbusting, pov wedgies, humiliating, nerd, dork, geek, leather pants, gloves.

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