Bully Bosses Terra Mizu & Whitney Morgan Beat You Up

11:11 video

Both Terra Mizu & Whitney Morgan walk in laughing, they have you (POV) cornered against your desk. They’re angry because you’re the nerd that told on them for skipping out of work early & getting written up. Miss Whitney Morgan exclaims, “Well, well, well if it isn’t this little snitch that got us in trouble with the big boss.” Terra “You happy little bitch? Get ready for pay back.” Both laugh while cracking their knuckles & pounding their fist. Both knock the spreadsheets out of your hands to the ground. As you reach down Terra goes “Whitney I bet this dweeb has his name written on his underwear. Let’s find out!” Both wedgie you evilly laughing. Both say “oh my god he does!” Both drop you to your knees evilly laughing. “Well since we missed lunch break you can give us your bonus check to go out.” You say no. Terra then says “Well you won’t be so argumentative after some knuckle sandwiches.” Both begin to beat you up with punches, ballbusting, and kicks. Until you fall to the ground, both evilly laughing calling you names like nerd & dork. With evil smiles on their face, they say “since you’re obviously new around here, let’s give you the proper work orientation.” Both laugh & continue to give you wedgies, punches, ballbusting, kicking. Dragging you across the office to the bathroom & get swirlied, hysterically laughing dunking your head & give you a swirly. Seeing you crying they say “Oh wahhh is someone need a kiss to make it all better?! Well how about a kiss…from our fists!” They proceed to punch you, than tickle torment you, & beat you until you give up the bonus check. They hold the money up, telling you to jump for it, & taunt you. You continue to mope as both hysterically laugh, & say since you got them in trouble that you will be now be doing their work for the rest of the year, overtime & all. Sacking you access the face with filing to order. Both laughing as they have one more thing - that they wedgie you on the flag pole outside the office building for all your coworkers to see if you don’t get their work done in time. Hysterically laughing, high five, & leave you hanging. 

Includes: leather, leather pants, pov, mean girls, Femdom, bratty, coworkers, swirly, pov punching, pov beatdown, pov ballbusting, pov kicking, boots, pov wedgies, pov tickling, humiliation.

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