Whitney Morgan Finds A Tiny In Her Leather Aldo Heels

9:46 video

Miss Whitney Morgan slowly walks in, showing close views of her strappy leather Aldo high heels. At a closer glance something or someone seems to be peeking out of the insoles.

Kicking her heels up on a coffee table, she proceeds to take off one of her heels, while bragging aloud how she couldn’t believe how much attention she got while out dancing, how so many guys couldn’t take their eyes off of her sexy feet in heels. Showing off sexy views of her soles, sexy soft bare feet with outstretched toes.. Then, when glancing down at her heels she notices there is a tiny little man on the worn leather soles. He’s been adoring her sexy Aldo heels & she’s caught him in the act. She’ll give two choices for the tiny, either he gets squished by her Aldo heels & ends up as part of the worn leather sole as a stain or.. Maybe, he can take the nice long slide down on her wet wide big soft tongue, past her uvula, epiglottis, & down her throat; to be digested by her & to be part of her. Either way, tiny ends up as part of the worn leather soles of her sexy Aldo heels or gets to be part of her, a choice has to be made. The tiny won’t make the choice, so Miss Whitney Morgan will! Dangling him over her head, neck tilted back, laying out her soft wide pink tongue, views of back of her glistening throat, deciding it’s time - swallowing the tiny whole.

Includes: feet, foot fetish, toes, soles, strappy heels, leather heels, heel dangle, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, throat fetish, teeth, vore, giantess, gts, giant, foot domination, eat. 

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