Summer Raez & Whitney Morgan Shrink Bad Photographer POV

12:07 video

Summer Raez confesses her issues with a bad photographer, calling her a bad model, freezing her. So Miss Whitney Morgan lures that photographer in to shoot both of them. But Whitney has a trick up her sleeve, she hands Summer a shrink remote. Immediately she uses it on YOU (POV)! Now so itty bitty on the floor, defenseless against them. They toss you around in their hands, teasing you with their tongues, deciding if they should eat you.. Do you really deserve to slide down their slick, slobbery, sexy throats? They tease you more with their tongues, long throats, Summer's pierced tongue. No, you belong on the floor under their feet, gazing up at two mean giantess. They dangle their bare feet over you, their arches, deep wrinkles, wiggling toes.. before lowering both sets of bare feet down upon you.. bye by! 

Includes: fetish models, tattoos, shrinking, shrink fetish, remote control, mouth fetish, vore, tongue fetish, pierced tongue, piercings, tattoos, bratty, mean giantess, throat fetish, barefoot, bare feet, foot domination, foot fetish, wrinkled soles, toe wiggling, highly arched feet, giantess, giants. 

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