Bully-Girl Beatdown POV with Maleka & Miss Whitney Morgan

10:50 video

Miss Whitney Morgan & Maleka dressed head to toe in leather walk over towards you, both evilly laughing, thrusting fists. Whitney tells Maleka “Look at what we’ve got here. It’s my little bitch that’s going to give us his lunch money.” You instantly hand over the money, Whitney snatches it, shoving it into her cleavage. Maleka laughing says “wow that was easier than I thought.” Whitney grabs you, Maleka with a huge book in her hand stating: “you’re also going to do our homework right?” You nervously shake your head yes & both evilly grin & say: “Well get cracking!” And wack you with the book knocking the wind out of you to your knees. Both start laughing & say “well you didn’t think we were going to let you get away that easy, right?” Both begin to beat you up with belly punches, ballbusts, kicks, face slaps until they knock you to the ground. Throwing in lines like “bitch slaps for a fucking bitch” “feeding you knuckle sandwiches.” When you fall to the ground they say “Oh do you need help back up?” Then both atomic wedgie you back up to beat you down again, alternating attacks until you fall down again. They tickle torment you, you beg & admit you are their bitch & they are your bully masters. Both evilly laugh & say the fun has just begun, they're going to wedgie you on the flag pole, both salute say “I pledge allegiance to the dork!” before dragging you off by your man panties like the big bad bullies they are. 

Includes: bully girls, bullies, leather fetish, leather jacket, leather pants, leather corset, pov, femdom, female domination, ballbusting pov, face slapping pov, kicking pov, wedgies pov, punching pov, humiliation, mean girls, brat girls, bratty, laughing, beatdowns pov, dork humiliation, loser humiliation, nerd humiliation.

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