Evil Step Sister made Foot Smelling

Sarah isn't very happy with her new stepsister. She vents to her mom (Dee), explaining that she thinks Sydney (stepsister) is a little weird.. Sarah's socks have been going missing, and she even caught Sydney sniffing a pair of her old gym shoes.. Mom - Dee - is appalled.. and decides to give Sarah the payback her daughter so greatly wants. She's going to let Sarah torment Sydney by making her to smell her feet.. not just Sarah's feet.. BOTH of pairs! Mother and daughter TAG TEAM! Poor Sydney doesn't know what to do! Yes.. she DOES love feet, their sweet sweaty smell.. but should she be enjoying this torment? Or fighting the humiliation! Mother and daughter humiliate Sydney into admitting her intense FOOT SMELLING FETISH! Or else.. they're going to have to run and tell Dad about Sydney's little personal desires... 

Includes: feet, foot smelling, smell fetish, stepsisters, taboo, mother, daughter, humiliation, embarassment, socks, gym shoes, sneakers.

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