Whitney: The Other White Meat (with Astrokittie)

7:45 video

Mistress Astrokittie has a very unique taste... she LOVES the taste of flesh, HUMAN FLESH. Everyone keeps wondering where her house workers keep disappearing to.. the truth is.. Her oven, her crock pot, deep freezer, and well.. Whitney tar-tar is sounding pretty good to Astrokittie's growling hungry belly. Trapping Whitney with sweet mind control, she strips her.. throws her on the table.. HOGTIES her.. shoves a nice BIG BALLGAG in her mouth.. Sits down with a little appetizer.. and let the fun begin. Whitney finding out her impending doom, STRUGGLES.. BEGS.. PLEADS with Astokittie! Begging will get Whitney no where.. After all, Astrokittie doesn't want her plump delicious meal burning off any more calories.. With a final kiss goodbye, Astrokittie seals Whitney's fate.. Prepping her meal for her aching hunger! 

Includes: vore, human, flesh, eating, feeder, feedee, mouth, tummy, belly, stomach, growling, hungry, fetish, biting, damsel in distress, struggling, licking, hogtie, bondage, mesmerized, mind, control, domination, food, asian, blonde, DiD, catsuit, latex, teeth, tongue, throat.


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