Miss Whitney Morgan Transforms into a Valley Girl!

18:18 video

Whitney is working super late with her least favorite co-worker. He's always had a crush on her and hits on her constantly.. Whitney tries desperately to explain to him that she's NOT interested and has a boyfriend. While she's on the phone with her boyfriend, her coworker (in POV) slips a magic pill into her coffee to convince her otherwise.. Sipping her coffee, she slowly transforms.. She gets dizzy, her eyes cross, she feels her brain shrinking, she's becoming more ditzy, dumb, sillly, giggly.. She turns into a party loving, shop-a-holic, all about fun having VALLEY GIRL! LIKE, OH MY GOD!!! Her coworker convinces her to break up with her boyfriend and tells her it would be totally awesome if she strips for him... Oh, and he'll totally buy her some new shoes and take her out to the clubs if she sucks his cock! She fades in and out of her Valley Girl transformation.. Even calls her boyfriend back to apologize "I have NO idea what came over me! I'm so sorry!" - but taking another sip of her coffee she promptly states "OH MY GOD! You're like SUCH a loser! I need a boy in my life with money and like totally wants to hit the clubs and stuff! Buh-Bye!" She whips her coworkers cock out "I'm so going to suck your cock for new shoes and like we're totally hitting the clubs - fuck work!" But not so fast... Whitney might be a dumb Valley Girl now.. but she's not TOO stupid.. "haha but you know what, like I'm SO not going to let you cum.. until we're back.. and I see you keep looking at my feet - do you have like a silly foot fetish or something? Maybe.. just totally maybe.. If you take me to the clubs n stuff.. I'll let you jerk your cock off on my feet when we get back.. So like, where's your credit card and stuff?! Cuz we're like totally going shopping!!!" 

Includes: transformation, fetish, fantasy, tease, denial, XXXX stripping, pov, blowjob, handjob, mind control, women following orders, topless, blackmail, valley girl, dumb, stupid, bratty, ditzy, blonde, financial, domination, mesmerize, boy-girl, xxx, hardcore, mouth, eye crossing. 

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