Super Hungry Tummy Growling

5:32 video

Sarah Diavola, Lauren Kiley, Sydney Screams, & Whitney Morgan are SOOOOOO hungry! Their little bellies are totally empty and BEGGING to be fed! They ordered pizza what seemed like HOURS ago! What is taking the pizza guy SO long?! Their poor little tummies are growling out in agony! FEEEED MEEEEE it sounds like they're saying! Their stomachs are SO loud, it's like they're talking to one another - PUT FOOD IN US NOOOOOOW! The gals compare wasting away tummies, thinning waists, rib cages showing, deep bellybuttons caving into their hungry bellies! The gals contemplate eating one another! Especially Sydney - with all the meat still left on her bones! Maybe just a little bite? Just a taste? Whitney can't take it any longer, so skinny.. so weak.. so faint.. She FAINTS! Oh no! What are the gals to do?! They play with her limp limbs, thinking about eating HER as their bellies roar out in ultimate hunger.. until.. what's that?! The doorbell! The pizza guy is here! 

Includes: stomach,growling, belly, fetish, sounds, bbw, thin, skinny, limp, hungry, tummy, bellybutton, ribs, biting, vore, XXXX, mouth, starving, eye crossing, fainting. 


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