Amazon BBW Lift & Carry Wedgie on Whitney Morgan

Layla Moore and her college coed roomie Whitney Morgan are crashing on the couch to watch some TV.. But Whitney doesn't want to watch the silly food network like Layla.. Whitney pokes fun at Layla's size trying to humiliate her into watching what Whitney wants to, but Layla manages to easily yank the remote from Whitney's grasp - throwing it on the floor just out of reach. Whitney bends down to grab it when Layla wraps her arms around Whitney lifting her up high off the floor with ease. Tossing Whitney around a bituntil she realizes the real torment would be lifting Whitney up by her granny panties! With a nice hard tug, Layla lifts Whitney's ass HIGH off the ground - Whitney screams with agony as her panties are sharply wedgied up her buttcrack, rubbing her asshole raw! Every time Whitney thinks she's getting a break to pick the wedgie out of her asshole, guess again.. Layla swoops in for another tight pull on her cotton panties - harder and harder and HARDER - until they RIP TO SHREDS!!!! Whitney left, in pain, panty-less (her cotton granny panties torn to pieces), asshole wedgied raw... and submits the remote to Layla.

Includes: wedgie, lift, carry, bbw, ssbbw, amazon, ass, humiliation, clothing destruction, ripping, tearing, shredding, tall, powerful, asshole, butthole. raw, catfighting, panties, college, coed, butt, nelson, crying, begging, blonde.

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