Flight Attendants Are The (ARM) Pits!

When we last left flight attendant Miss Whitney Morgan and Pilot Andy, she was feeding him the stinky stench of her hard worked pantyhosed feet.. Instead of reporting him to the boss man, or claiming sexual harassment.. She had another trick up her sleeve. See, her FEET weren't the ONLY thing that was hard worked and dripping with sweat on her body.. In fact, her ARMPITS might even be WORSE! Stripping out of her PVC UNIFORM, she shoves Andy's face, his cringing nose DEEP into her sweaty, stinky, smelly armpit.. "Oopsy.. I think I forgot to wear deodorant today.. damned that layover and extra long sweltering day.. I bet my BO (body odor) is enough to totally put you out!" His eyes cross and water, he gags, and begs for mercy.. But he's not getting any here! Just one more whiff of her stench after another! After an evening of being fed hard worked body odor from Whitney Morgan, I bet this silly boy will be her ever dedicated smell slave for life.. and never consider pushing her supreme buttons again. 

Includes: armpits, femdom, uniforms, role play, smell, smelly, smelling, fetish, female, domination, supremacy, stinky, gagging, eye crossing, body odor, sweat, boss, bvc, stripping, pantyhose, curvy, blonde, power, cruel.

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