Foot Tickle Therapy with Layla Moore pt 2

Dr. Whitney has struck again... She prayed on the powerful but innocent BBW AMAZON Layla Moore.. Extreme FOOT TICKLING confrontation turned TIED TICKLE THERAPY! In a nice tight HOGTIE, Dr. Whitney continues her session with her patient Layla Moore.. "Now where were we before you threatened to leave my office.. Oh yes! These SUPER TICKLISH SOLES!" Dr. Whitney runs her tickling fingers all over Layla's barefeet.. from heel to tippy toe.. grazing every wrinkle, nook, and cranny.. Her arches, her toe cleavage.. even going in for some HIP TICKLING ACTION! Layla struggles, begs, and squeals with ticklish distress!! But it's too late for her now.. She's now become part of Dr. Whitney's collection.. And there's no escaping.. Just sit back, let the laughter flow.. and take all the tickling she can't handle!!

Includes: feet, foot, tickling, ticklish, barefoot, bbw, thin, blonde, amazon, confrontation, therapist, doctor, laughing, powerful, toes, soles, arches, tall, hands, fingers, nails, ssbbw, struggling, rope, hogtie, begging, bondage, bound, tied, captive. 

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