Pushy Trainer Gets Wedgied by SSBBW Tiffany

5:54 video

Super skinny bitch trainer Miss Whitney Morgan is on a house call to visit SSBBW Tiffany Cushinberry dressed in her super skin tight spandex. Tiffany is NOT at all amused by her pushy attitude, poking fun at her belly + weight. When Tiffany notices something hanging out of Whitney's spandex leggings.. HUGE WHITE GRANNY PANTIES?! Tiffany gives them a little tug, then a little harder... Being SO much bigger than Whitney, she lifts her up by her granny panties - giving her an ultimate wedgie! Tiffany thinks to herself, well.. this is one hell of a work out! And FAR more fun than what her pushy trainer was trying to get her to do! Tiffany goes harder and HARDER! Thrusting Whitney face down, ass up on the bed in WEDGIE HELL! Until Whitney's panties COMPLETELY RIP OFF HER BODY! Wedgies certainly beat the gym ANY day! 

Includes: wedgies, bbw, ssbbw, skinny, spandex, thin, fat, humiliation, panties, domination, fetish, weight, belly, ass, butt, crack, clothing destruction, exercise, bratty, panties, blonde, redhead, cameltoe.

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