Chef Candle Boxxx Eaten Alive

Candle Boxxx has been a horrible servant, instead of cooking a delicious meal for her demanding housewives she decides to leave the kitchen an utter mess while having an ultra steamy conversation on the phone with her boy toy... But she touched herself too soon, the stuck up housewives have arrived home after a busy day of shopping to find dinner NOT on the table... Guess they're going to have to make it themselves? And by that.. I mean, they're going to have to prepare a delicious delight of Candle Boxxx! They pin her down, strip her uniform off, shove a HUGE red ballgag in her mouth, hog tie her nice and tight.. They simply can't help but have a little taste... Nibbling, biting, licking tasting Candle's limbs, ribs, legs, and toes... They almost forgot to heat up the oven.. In you go Candle! These housewives are HUNGRY! 

Includes: vore, eating, biting, licking, bondage, rope, gag, gagging, DiD, damsel in distress, mouth, lip, tongue, throat, teeth, fetish, struggling, begging, hogtie, drool, housewives. 

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