Leilani Spanks Whitney Getting Kicked Off Cheerleading Squad

Mom Leilani Lei comes into daughter Whitney Morgan's room to confront her about not being at cheerleading practice... Whitney swears it was canceled for the day due to rain.. Leilani smells a big fat lie, throwing her daughter's failed test at her "So it didn't have anything to do with you failing in school and getting kicked off the squad?! You know what I do to liars.." Whitney begs and pleads with her mom not to punish her, she'll do better - she PROMISES! Mom gets out the paddle, tells Whitney to assume the position - face down, ass up. Lifting Whitney's uniform, giving her a wedgie with her full back white cotton panties.. she starts spanking her exposed cheeks. Those were just the light taps.. Peeling her panties down to expose her full bare bottom, and WHACK! Harder and HARDER alternating with her bare hand and her mommy tool of pure spanking torment. Whitney's poor bare bottom is BRIGHT red, she tried to rub it but mommy Leilani hasn't finished her punishment yet - not until Whitney PROMISES to do better in school, retake her test with flying colors, and get her bright red ass back on the cheerleading squad! 

Includes: spanking, taboo, milf, cheerleaders, adult school, spank, mom, mommy, daughter, age regression, ass, barebottom. bare, bottom, panties, cotton, role play, crying, rump, rosey, cheerleading, red.

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