Batgirl vs Robin Pantyhose Wedgie

7:33 video

After a long hard day of fighting crime, Batgirl and Robin kick back to relax, kicking their heels off to reveal their sweaty pantyhose feet. Robin makes a snide comment about how she feels she's been the superheroine of the show lately - not Batgirl. Batgirl takes immediate offense - she's the star, she's the main hero.. NOT a silly sidekick like Robin! Robin stands up to strike a heroic pose to rub it in Batgirl's face... When all of a sudden, Batgirl gets a bold idea to show Robin who's really boss.. Grabbing the back of her pantyhose with all of her strength - Batgirl YANKS Robin's hose with all of her might, stretching them up through her asscrack, giving her a pantyhose wedgie! Robin screams and yelps out in pain, as she picks her pantyhose out of her crack, rubbing her sore asshole.. "Revenge is a bitch!" Robin grabs Batgirl's pantyhose pulling them as high as she can lift Batgirl's ass in them! Batgirl digs out her pantyhose wedgie ass and is ready to give Robin another round of pantyhose asshole AND CAMELTOE ripping torture! Even as much pain as Robin is receiving, she gets an evil glow in her eye.. Maybe she should switch sides.. Become an all mighty supervillain of wedgie destruction...... to be continued!

Includes: superhero, superheroines, supervillain, pantyhose, wedgie, stockings, camel toe, pussy, ass, fetish, humiliation, mask, asshole, asscrack, ass picking, feet, foot, costume, screaming, rubbing, nelson, clothing destruction, blonde, lift and carry, torment, pain.


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