Foot Tickle Therapy with Alyssa Hart pt 2

Now Dr. Whitney has her - Alyssa Hart - tightly hogtied, bound for Dr. Whitney's sick, twisted tickling pleasure.. Alyssa's sweet, soft, barefoot soles twitch as she comes to. Dr. Whitney can't help but dive right in.. RAVAGING her ticklish LITTLE TINY FEET! Alyssa screams, struggles, begs, laughs until she's crying.. Dr. Whitney tests her WHOLE BODY.. Yes, just as she suspected... VERY VERY VERY TICKLISH!! Hmm... I do believe Alyssa will make quite the lovely new addition to Dr. Whitney's patient collection..! 

Includes: feet, foot, fetish, 18, 19, soles, toes, wiggling, struggling, confrontation, scrunching, tickling, ticklish, laughing, screaming, begging, crying, blonde, squirming, giggling, limp, bound, tied, bondage, hogtie, rope, damsel in distress, DiD.

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