Roomies Make A Meal Out of Kelsey

6:37 video

After a long hard day at work, Whitney Morgan and Sydney Screams could think of nothing better than a nice hot meal to come home to - they were STARVING! And, it's was their roomie Kelsey Obession's turn to cook. But Kelsey didn't cook, she ordered in.. That's not the problem though, Kelsey her self was starving and completely lost track of how much yummy pizza she shoved in her mouth - by the time Whitney and Sydney arrived home - IT WAS ALL GONE! ALLLL in Kelsey's now stuffed and full growing belly. Whitney and Sydney's bellies were GROWLING with hunger! *sniff sniff* "You know, Kelsey kinda smells like pizza.." "Wonder if she tastes like it too?" Whitney gives Kelsey a stern HAND OVER MOUTH to Kelsey, Kelsey falling LIMP in both Whitney and Sydney's arms.. "LET'S FIND OUT!" The gals strip Kelsey down, strap her up in a nice tight hogtie on the dinner table.. and prep her to make the perfect meal for their starving bellies!!!

Includes: biting, licking, HOM, hand over mouth, vore, eating, nibbling, teeth, tongue, lips, mouth, gag, gagging, gag talk, DiD, damsel in distress, struggling, begging, eating, feeding, domination, nude, naked, ass, feet, drooling, spit, fetish.

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