Harley & Red Blackmail Limp Supergirl

6:53 video

Harley Quin and Red (Poison Ivy) have the REAL Super Girl all tied up nice and tight with KRYPTONITE ROPE! She's LIMP as a wet noodle! Red jumps being the camera to capture EVERYTHING on film to release to the press! Harley Quin takes the opportunity to man-handle the ever so vulnerable Super Girl around.. Playing with her limp limbs, flopping her arms and legs around like a little doll. They pull her little tits out - slap them around, yank her pantyhose down to expose her shaven pussy and her.. TATTOOS?! Super Girl is a tattooed SLUT!?, pull off her red high heels - yuck! her feet STINK! Harley Quin even sits and SMOTHERS Super Girl's FACE! Harley and Red giggle and laugh as they banter about all of the news papers, reporters, and press that are going to receive this HUMILIATING little video of Super Girl before finishing up tying her ankles nice and tight with some more kryptonite rope! LOTS of body panning over Super Girl's LIMP body.

Includes: superhero, superheroine, super-villain, evil, humiliating, humiliation, limp, rope, bondage, KO, smother, spandex, kryptonite, supergirl, stripping, pantyhose, tits, pussy, feet, foot, fetish, high heels, POV, blackmail.

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