Penny Pinching Wedgie Revenge

9:33 video

Miss Dixie Comet is a penny pinching boss with her panties in a wad, whom gets off of the pleasure of bringing misfortune to her employees. While on a coffee break, Star Nine and Lauren Kiley are interupted by Dixie informing them that they will not only have to work overtime tonight - but NOT get paid extra for it! "It's in your job description.. If you want to keep your job, you'll stay!" Distrought at their situation, Star and Lauren bitch about what a penny pinching vindictive and cruel boss Dixie is. "She's so concerned about making every little penny, I bet she'll dive at the chance to scoop this up off the floor!" Lauren tosses a penny on the carpet just as Dixie returns to nag them to get back to their desks.. "Oh shiny!" Dixie bends over to pick up the penny, revealing her granny panties sticking out of her skirt - shirt tucked in. Star and Lauren, giggle, point, and can't help but grab a hold of the waist band. "Are you suck a penny pincher that you're wearing your grandma's old panties?!" "You're such a stuck up cunt with your panties in a wad, let us help you out with that!" Star and Lauren stretch Dixie's panties as high as they'll go! RIPPING them at the seams! Lifting Dixie's ass right off the ground with every hard yank! "Look! She has a cameltoe! Her panties are so tight they're running right up her pussy!" And it seems as though Dixie actually LIKES that part.. Star and Lauren rhythmically tug on Dixie's torn panties still stuck up her ass.. "I bet we can make her CUM from this!" "YEAH! A good orgasm will be an attitude adjustment for sure!" Sure enough.. Dixie let's out a startling orgasm - she had no idea she had it in her.. The girls giggle at her "It's the end of the day, we're leaving.. cocktail hour! We'd invite you, but we don't hang with girls who wear granny panties".

Includes: wedgies, wedgie, panties, granny panties, fetish, mean girls, bratty, revenge, orgasm, camel toe, ass, pussy, blonde, authority, domination, lesbian.

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